Technical Content Marketing Creation Made Simple

Step 1 - Contact us to discuss the nature of your project, including deliverables, deadlines, and pricing.

Step 2 - We conduct a recorded interview with one or more of your subject matter experts and you provide us any necessary background materials.

Step 3 - We create a near-final first draft based on your communicated direction.

Step 4 - You review the copy and we make any necessary final revisions in accordance with your original directions.

Step 5 - You put your powerful new technical marketing content to work.

Marketing Communications for Technology Solutions

“Ken is an outstanding writer who I lean upon to get work done in a crunch. He understands the market I work in and is always on time. He takes the time to ask the right questions and get off on the right foot.”

Travis Grandpre - Symantec Director of Product Marketing for Information Protection