9 Essential Marcom SEO Writing Tips

In the marcom world, it’s all about getting your message in front of your target audience. With most—if not all—of your messaging existing online, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an essential role in making sure your message is not only easy to find, but that it’s at the top of page one in your category’s search results.

Of course, you can purchase ads that place you on page one of your targeted search results, but organic search results rely on well-planned and strategically executed marcom SEO writing. If you want to boost your organic search result placement, you can’t ignore the following key marcom SEO writing tips:

Create Sticky Content

Great marcom SEO writing begins with great content. It doesn’t matter if you achieve the number one spot on search results if people immediately leave your page once they find it. You have to create sticky content. Simply put, sticky content is valuable content that gives visitors unique information and insights that they need and will want to share.

Focus on One Primary Keyword Phrase

Your marcom SEO writing efforts can become diluted if you try to apply multiple keyword phrases to your content. That doesn’t mean your content can’t contain concepts that are similar or related to your keyword phrase. It simply means you need to focus the writing on concepts that deal primarily with the target keyword phrase.

Use Keywords Instead of Pronouns

Pronouns can help tighten your writing, but overuse of pronouns can create too much of a generic feel to your writing. Even worse, the overuse of pronouns not only leads to lack of clarity, but in marcom SEO writing it robs you of opportunities to use your keyword phrases. Use your keyword phrase in place of pronouns where possible when writing marcom SEO content.

Keep the Writing Natural

One of the greatest challenges in any SEO effort is keeping a natural feel to the writing of the content. You have to strike a fine balance between employing marcom SEO writing techniques and creating a flow in the writing that doesn’t feel forced or awkward to the reader.

Use Keyword Phrases in Titles

Titles present any easy way to introduce keyword phrases into your marcom SEO writing. But don’t overdo it. The flow and appearance of your writing needs to feel natural.

Use Your Keyword Phrase Early On and Frequent

It’s a given that SEO success requires using your keyword phrase frequently, but using your keyword phrase early on in your marcom SEO writing can also help boost your placement in search results. Once again, you have to employ that frequency and early-use in a way that doesn’t feel forced.

Use Keyword Variations when Necessary

Keeping that natural feel to your marcom writing in a way that still allows you to achieve your SEO goals sometimes requires using variations of your keyword phrase. While keyword phrase variations might not help your search results, they won’t necessarily hurt them as long as those variations don’t become the focus. The point is to not be afraid to use variations of your keyword phrase in order to maintain a natural feel to your marcom SEO writing.

Don’t Let Editors Ruin your SEO

Your marcom content review team can be one of your biggest obstacles to successful SEO writing. Copyeditors know all about grammar, punctuation and tightening up the written word, but they don’t necessarily understand SEO. Likewise, product managers and team leads might be experts on the product or solution that your content describes, but that doesn’t mean they understand how changes they make to that content will affect SEO. Unless you educate your team, your valuable keyword phrases can unnecessarily disappear during the review process.

Leverage an SEO Web Expert

SEO is an art that is always changing. You can follow all the marcom SEO writing tips provided by me or by others, but if you don’t employ the expertise of someone who understands SEO in the design, development and formatting of your web page, you won’t achieve the results you desire. The written content is only one piece of the SEO puzzle. Consult with your web SEO expert before content creation and then leverage your expert’s skills post-creation so the web formatting and presentation of that content can have the highest potential for success.

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